Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fabricating X-Wing Star Wars Fighter

How we fabricated the X-Wing Star Wars Fighter Spaceship

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

We wanted to create a 3D prop using a simple 2D machine.
We used our FCX848 CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter (our 2 blocks machine), which is used for creating two dimensional projects.

Using 2lbs EPS foam, we cut all pieces separately, then glued them using epoxy glue.

Laser Cannon Holders

Laser Tip

Laser Tip

Laser Cannon Attached

All 4 Laser Cannons now glued

All 4 engines glued to the wings. Fuselage is done

Right Laser Cannon attached to the wing

And...Left one as well

All we need now is the nose cone

Here is the Nose Cone glued as well

Front view - The X-Wing is all done ready for lift off

Back View
Next step - We will coat the fighter with Polyurea hard coat and paint it. 
Here is how it will look like once done:

Next on our list of projects - We will create the Star Wars TieFighter

Friday, December 18, 2015

Foam Machining Projects

Foam cutting and machining services

EPS Foam machining of 1LB EPS foam

The car was machined using our CNC router, glued and then 
coated - using a simple drywall mud

Now, a bit of sanding

And almost perfect results

Car prop is all smooth now

Easter Island Statue made from 1LB EPS foam
Machined from EPS using our CNC router

Easter Island statue and a dragon by its side

The foam is coated with Styrospray 1000
which is a polyurethane coat, then painted with stone-like paint

8' Totem Pole project
8' Totem Pole - machined from EPS foam using our CNC router
Still raw foam - not coated

And below - Coated with polyurethane and painted

Machining EPS column

Fabricating BAMScape Berkeley Art Museum Exhibit
Raw 1lbs EPS blocks ready to be machined

150 Curved 1LBS EPS machined Modules.
Each module is about 8'long 4'high 20"wide 3/8" thick plywood

All 150 modules laminated with plywood 
Installed at Berkeley Art Museum - 1550sf display

EPS foam props- bottles
EPS foam props- bottles
Concrete molds - EPS foam molds
Prototyping services - XPS foam

Coated with polyurethane

See how we fabricated Berkeley Art Museum BAMScape Project

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How We Fabricated Berkeley Art Museum Exhibit with Architect Thom Faulders

The Berkley Art Museum project took 3 month to finish
With more than 160 pieces, most 8' in length.
3 months from start to finish

We started out with over 100 blocks of EPS 1LB foam

Foam being cut on the CNC hot wire foam cutter

EPS blocks after being cut on the CNC Hot wire

Each piece is covered with 1/8" plywood on both sides
and 1/4" wiggle wood from the top

Each piece is primed

And then Painted

Pieces placed, and mounted to one another

We glued anti slip pads onto each unit

The end result is an interactive Living Art, "serving as a site for rest, relaxation, and study, as well as a platform for the experience of live performance and multimedia events".

Fabricator - WeCutFoam
1248 Birchwood Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089